Christ The King College, Onitsha
90 Anniversary Preparation

Esteemed Alumni,
The preparation for the 90th anniversary of CKC has begun. Recall that I sent you communication featuring the list of the LOC inaugurated by the proprietor of the college, the Most Rev. Valerian Maduka Okeke. I hereby inform you that the LOC has been expanded in consultation with him. Here is an updated list of the local organizing committee:

We remind the alumni branches and classes worldwide to please create sub-committees to organise their branch/class. The LOC will soon send details of the programme of events, expectations and participation. At the moment, the completion of the CKC Chapel Project is most critical as we have less than six months to go. Your kind donations will be of immense help whether as individuals, branches or classes.

Chapel Project Gallery



  • Lecton: #265,000
  • Alter Table Marble: #900,000 taken by Engr. Onukwuba Emmanuel of '79 alumni class
  • Crucifix: #300,000 taken by Onukwuba Emmanuel of '79 class
  • Tabernacle and its marble stand: #1,500,000. Taken by Tony Nwapa of Abuja Branch
  • Alter rail: #85,000 × 25 meters
  • Marble on the Alter Wall: #22,000×180 square meters


  • One bundle of Paragon PVC (10mm)= #42,000 × 400 bundles.
  • Transpot from Lagos: #400,000
  • Accessories: #1, 200,000
  • Scaffold for ceiling: #1,700,000
  • Labour/installation: #4,300,000


  • Floor granite for walk ways: 19,000 × 400 square meters.
  • Other church floor 10,000 × 2000 square meters
  • Wall tiles (in and out) to the lintel level: 8,000 × 2,300 square meters
  • Stations of the Cross: 50,000 × 14
  • Pews: 100,000 × 300


The class of 1988 has indicated a model that other alumni classes can try in raising funds for the anniversary. Very Rev. Fr. Paul ARINZE anchored the class donation on the class Whatsaap group, he stays in the US while the members of the class are scattered all over the world. He received some visual clips of the ongoing chapel/refectory project and forwarded the same to the platform. The class decided to take on the Church Pews which cost 100,000 each. Right now they have taken 100 pews (10,000,000). Donations are still trickling on their platform. Meanwhile some parents of students have taken 50 pews. This means we still have 150 pews to go. May the fame of our college last forever! Grazie to Bonitas '88.


Ede Obosi, Senator Mike Ajegboo, has completed what remains of the altar area. He is paying for the communion marble rails, altar wall marbles and the lectern. These works cost a whopping #6,085, 000. Earlier, Mr Tony Nwapa paid for the tabernacle and it's stand at the cost of #1,500,000. Engr Emma Onukwuba of Onitsha branch is paying #1,200,000 for the marble altar table and the giant crucifix.This means that the altar area is taken care of. Great alumni of CKC! MAY THE FAME OF OUR COLLEGE LAST FOREVER! For your kind donations use these details: CKC 90th Anniversary Fund. Keystone Bank. 1012944432

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